Our Success & History





A multipurpose company that suits diverse organization, making available suitable instrument for industrial and personal use.

The company was founded in 1982. Over the years, the company has been known best for magnanimously delivering the best equipment for industrial and personal use.

Food processing equipment, Bakery equipment, Snack food equipment, Hotel & Restaurant equipment, Supermarket equipment, Power tranmission & distribution such as power fitting insulator, Drop off fuse, Solar panel street light.

Over the course of 37 ( thirty-seven) years of existence of AFESS COMMERCIAL COMPANY, we have stood out to be one of the sough after organizations in Nigeria, we have plethora of customers across the 36 states in Nigeria who have kept faith in us for the relentless efforts we put out in making sure our customers gets nothing less than the best equipment they could desire.

In retrospectove years and for prospoective years, this company has never and would never fail in giving its best untirelessly.

The company has stood the test of time in history overcoming economical and governmental challenges in its infancy and that is why the foundation on which it sits on is strong and unshaken. With this, our customers have kept faith in us because we are to be trusted and we never fail in our dealings.


Our Vision

AFESS COMMERCIAL COMPANY NIGERIA LTD has a plethora of visions and goals to keep the company going at a faster pace of one of the best in Nigeria and Africa at large in delivering state of the art equipment for general use; Our mission and goals without a doubt and straightforwardness and tenacity are thus:

  • To stand tall among the best in delivering equipment for industrial and personal use.
  • To be reliable upon at all times in dealings of equipment and accessories.
  • Our vision is to build one of the fastest growing company in equipment delivery.
  • To stand in the next decades as one of the most recognized companies in delivery and supplies of equipment in Africa.
  • To give Africa the best industrial and personal equipment she has yet to see.

We believe with these visions; we will be able to achieve that goal the world is yet to see. We are set on taking the industry to a level it has not yet seen.

Our Mission

At AFESS COMMERCIAL COMPANY NIGERIA LTD, we beleive and stand on serving our amicable customers to the letters. It is borne in mind that there is no organization without vision and submission, we have set out these missions and target for the nearest future.

  • Our mission is the create a like for like (friend-to-friend) interrelationship.
  • Our mission is to build international relationship with reputable organizations across the world.
  • Our mission is to be the first and best in the industry. How? we have over the years set out undying and relentless plans and effort in satisfying our numerous customers need and we have never for once failed in that regard.
  • Our mission is to stand out among  the top organizations in Nigeria and Africa at large in the delivery of industrial and personal equipment.
  • Our mission is to serve our amicable customers to their utmost satisfactions.

In conclusion, AFESS COMMERCIAL COMPANY NIGERIA LTD is set out on a mission of building a state of the art organization that will be next to none in the business delivering industrial and personal kitchen equipment.