The extensive restaurant equipment assortment offered by AFESS is considered the requisite elements/tools for cooking purposes. Our cooking pieces are designed keeping in alignment with the requirement of commercial or large-scale cooking spaces. The portable and durable culinary interventions for cooking are meticulously crafted for the authentic making of delicacies.

We offer the entire setup range in segregated configurations, that is from narrow cooktop models to large volume burners. Our diverse collection is structured in a way to handle minimal to large kitchen duty operations. The cooking range solutions are convenient and available at economical market prices.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Our collection of commercial restaurant equipment offers a consolidated benefit within the compiled single unit scope (area) as well. This cooking range is profoundly used in professional kitchen setup by culinary experts for dish preparation.

Since our collection of equipment is made from stainless steel, it can be cleaned, maintained, and sterilized without a hitch. You can also relish the proficiently built commercial refrigeration tool for storing things for a longer time. The professional cooling reassortment will keep the food edible and develop a temperature control atmosphere for better shelf life. Moreover, it will also ensure to prevent the food-borne diseases that emerge due to food times being negligibly preserved.

Some of the commercial restaurant cooking equipment conferred by AFESS are:

  1. Broilers
  2. Gas and electric collection
  3. Griddles, grills, and charbroilers
  4. Gas top/ countertop fryers (both electric and ventless)
  5.  Stockpot
  6. Fryer oil filtration cooking equipment
  7.  All types of commercial ovens (outdoor and indoor)
  8. Rapid speed hybrid ovens
  9. Concession cooking equipment
  10. Conveyor toasters for commercial purposes
  11. Rice cookers
  12. Retharmalizers

The above-mentioned kitchen tools can be availed from our website. Performing a deep check on the comfort, styles, bases, or cooktops to meet your needs, we have introduced each product under categories.

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