We start our day with tea or coffee and end our late night work pullover with the same. As per the statistical survey conducted, around 63 percent of the UK population consume tea and coffee on a routine basis. Tea alone has been consumed at a whopping capacity of 273 billion liters across the world.

This data proves the dominance of beverages in the world market. Beverages are an integral part of our lives. Thus, to make the process of brewing easier, AFESS introduces the best beverage equipment for your kitchen spaces. Our beverage series is used for the production of different types of beverages and drinks.

If you are unaware of the mechanism of a beverage brewing machine, have a look at the following procedure:

1.   Rinsing segment

The rinsing segment acts as a rinser (in rotatory motions) to sift the product. This is further passed on to the filler for pouring the beverage mix.

2.   Filling segment

Using the principles of the isobaric filling mechanism, the beverage solution is filled in the rinsed container. The liquid is filled with high precision and no mess.

3.   Capping segment

The capping section thereafter seals the bottle air-tight and passes it through the conveyor belt.

Incorporating this method of filtration and extraction, we have created our portable beverage collection. The equipment is of high quality and guarantees pure output.

Beverage Equipment Online

If you are looking for beverage equipment in Nigeria, then check out our official website to explore more buying options. We confer tools that are a part and parcel of every household.

Beverage Equipment online offered by AFESS will help you clinch the ideal product at affordable rates. You can buy our equipment for the following purposes:

  • Coffee brewing machine
  • Tea
  • Smoothies
  • Soft drinks and slushes
  • Draft beer equipment

We offer an assorted series of beverage equipment in Nigeria suited for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

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